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Recent Accomplishments of the PTAGIS Program

John Tenney1, Don Warf2, Nicole Tancreto1

  1. Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, 205 SE Spokane St. Suite 100, Portland, OR 97202
  2. Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, 7103 W. Clearwater Ave. Suite H, Kennewick, WA 99336

The PTAGIS program has undergone significant upgrades in recent years. The new tagging software, P5, is expected to be released in 2024 and will include all the features of P4 along with upgraded technology and additional functionality. The recently released interrogation software, M5 and I5, are successfully collecting and submitting data from several field sites. The redeveloped PTAGIS website, launched in 2021, now includes extended support for managing interrogation site metadata. The server migration journey to the cloud and back will also be discussed.

New interrogation sites have been incorporated into PTAGIS operations and maintenance, such as GRS, the first spillway detection site at Lower Granite Dam. Bonneville interrogation sites at the Washington Shore (BO4) and Cascade Island (BO2) fish ladders have undergone substantial upgrades. Barge load lines have been instrumented with PIT tag detection at Lower Granite, Little Goose, and Lower Monumental juvenile fish passage facilities. All interrogation sites operated by PTAGIS have undergone a complete platform upgrade and incorporate SCADA instrumentation for real-time alerting and remote process control. Maintenance efforts for separation-by-code (SbyC) were significantly reduced at Lower Monumental Dam (LMJ) by replacing pneumatically-controlled diversion slide gates with electronically-controlled counterparts.

Regional coordination has been enhanced with the formation of the Instream PIT Tag Detection System (IPTDS) Steering Subcommittee. This subcommittee provides technical guidance related to IPTDS operation and maintenance to the PIT Tag Steering Committee and PTAGIS while ensuring the data integrity of the PTAGIS database is not compromised. Complete data specifications, software documentation, and training videos have been published via the PTAGIS website. As a footnote to a very productive few years, PTAGIS staff have taken the lead on coordinating the 2024 PIT Tag Workshop.