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Demystifying PIT Antennas: From Theory to Practice

Gabriel Brooks

NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Join us for a concise yet insightful discussion on PIT tag antennas. In this twenty-minute presentation, we will cover the fundamental principles underlying PIT tag antenna construction, installation and connection. This session will cover the essential components of loop antennas, shedding light on the relationship between inductance and capacitance and how that defines resonant frequency regardless of shape or size.  We will also briefly describe the interaction between the tag and the antenna, and how this technology functions at a basic level.

This talk will briefly touch on constructing your own antennas and general guidance covering the most common antenna types.  We will briefly cover installing antennas in streams, showcasing real-world applications. This talk will culminate in a discussion of antenna fabrication and how to connect all the components together.