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Efficient Integration of Raspberry Pi with M5 Software for uploading site interrogation data to PTAGIS

Derrek Faber

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, 3561 Klindt Dr, The Dalles, OR 97058

This presentation is designed for individuals keen on leveraging the Raspberry Pi (RPi) technology in conjunction with the M5 software to facilitate the direct upload of data to the PTAGIS database, particularly beneficial for remote PIT tag monitoring sites. A comprehensive list of hardware and power-supply requirements will be included in this presentation.

The talk will outline the steps to install the Raspbian OS using the Raspberry Pi Imager, transitioning into the critical initial setup procedures. Key focus areas will include configuring network settings and enabling remote access - prerequisites for integrating the M5 service. An emphasis on the command line installation process of the M5 software will be highlighted to ensure attendees understand the depth of the process.

Moreover, the presentation will briefly touch upon networking details crucial for the RPi and M5 software's optimal function, such as remote modem/router configurations and the nuances of NAT transparency. Finally, resources for remote RPi management and essential Linux command-line skills will be introduced to assist participants in maintaining and troubleshooting their systems post-setup. This session aims to empower researchers and tech enthusiasts to harness the RPi's potential for remote data monitoring and management efficiently.