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Practical Workshop: Configuring Raspberry Pi for M5 Software and PTAGIS Connectivity

Derrek Faber

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, 3561 Klindt Dr, The Dalles, OR 97058

This interactive workshop is a practical extension of our earlier presentation, dedicated to providing hands-on experience in configuring the Raspberry Pi (RPi) for use with M5 software, targeting efficient data upload to the PTAGIS database for remote PIT tag sites. Participants are invited to engage in a step-by-step setup of their RPi, focusing on hands-on activities that will cement their understanding of the installation and configuration process.

Attendees will learn to install the Raspbian OS onto their RPi and will be guided through the first-time setup, including the execution of network configurations, and enabling remote access - all performed to ensure a functional M5 service integration. The workshop will take a deep dive into the download and installation of the M5 software, with a hands-on approach to the command line installation, giving participants a thorough grasp of the system's backend operations.

Participants will also actively engage in setting up networking components, ensuring their RPi can communicate with the M5 control panel through established network channels and ports. Additionally, the session will provide practical training on the use of remote management services such as Dataplicity and VNC Connect and reinforce Linux command-line basics for ongoing system management.

By the end of the workshop, each participant will have their RPi configured and ready for M5 software deployment, armed with the confidence to manage the system remotely. Researchers and practitioners who aim to utilize low-power solutions for remote data submission will find this workshop particularly valuable. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own Raspberry Pi and SD card to facilitate immediate application at their respective sites.