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Interrogation Site Metadata

ACM - Asotin Creek near mouth

Status:   Active - Operational
Site Type: Instream Remote Detection System  |  Organization: Snake River Salmon Recovery Board
General Operational Period: Year Round
Start Date: 8/1/2011 12:00 AM

ACM is a permanent instream PIT tag interrogation site located near the mouth of Asotin Creek, a tributary of the Snake River. As of 10/12/2018 all previous components present at ACM have been replaced and upgraded. The site consists of 3 rows of antennas with each row containing two 20- foot HDPE antennae, installed in flat-plate configuration. Each antenna is powered by a Biomark IS1001 (ACN) and the ACNs are connected to a Biomark IS1001-MTS master controller. The antennas were built and installed by WDFW. The site is connected to grid power to charge the battery bank powering the detection system. A cellular modem is installed on site to provide remote communication and allow for automated data collection, however, only manual data collection from the IS1001-MTS will occur at ACM until further notice. Prior to the upgrade, the site consisted of six antennas powered by an FS1001M.

Current Operations

Last File Loaded: ACM-2022-147-P-001.xml
Date Last File Loaded: 6/16/2022 3:30 PM
Date Last File Opened: 5/27/2022 2:12 PM
Date Last File Closed: 6/16/2022 1:19 PM
Last Observation Tag: 3DD.003D63CE50
Last Observation Date: 6/16/2022 8:11 AM
Detection Summary: Last Day's Observations


Primary Contact:

Ethan Crawford

Data Steward:

Steve Bennett


Coordinates: 46.341368, -117.055707  |  River Km: 522.234.001

Operational History

Operational history describes the period the site was interrogating for PIT tags. The comments provide anecdotal information about the operation of the site during this period. Site operational periods are updated typically at the end of the calendar year.

Year Start Date End Date Comments
2021 1/1/2021 12:00 AM 1/1/2022 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2020 1/1/2020 12:00 AM 1/1/2021 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags. See event logs for additional operational information.
2019 1/1/2019 12:00 AM 12/31/2019 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2018 1/1/2018 12:00 AM 1/1/2019 12:00 AM
2017 1/1/2017 12:00 AM 1/1/2018 12:00 AM Site down from March 19 - August 26
2016 1/1/2016 12:00 AM 1/1/2017 12:00 AM
2015 1/1/2015 12:00 AM 1/1/2016 12:00 AM
2014 1/1/2014 12:00 AM 1/1/2015 12:00 AM Site down March 25-September 1.
2013 1/1/2013 12:00 AM 1/1/2014 12:00 AM No reported interruptions in operation.
2012 1/1/2012 12:00 AM 1/1/2013 12:00 AM Site down from March 26 - August 30. Two antennas were added to the site on September 21.
2011 8/1/2011 12:00 AM 1/1/2012 12:00 AM First complete year of operations


Configuration metadata includes details about the equipment used at the site to detect and record PIT tags. A new configuration sequence record is created when equipment is added or removed from the site and the period of time it was active. A configuration sequence without an End Date is currently active.

Select Configuration Number:
Start Date:  8/30/2012
End Date:  ----

Site Configuration Diagrams:

Equipment History

Select a type to view the history of equipment installed at this site. A missing End Date implies the information about the equipment is current.

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Equipment Code Description Start Date End Date

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Event Log Summary

Event Date Event Type Comments
6/6/2022 1:00:00 AM GMC

Site visited to for a general maintenance check after a flash flood event that occurred in the Asotin Creek basin on June 5, 2022.  Antennas 01 and 03 became disconnected from their nodes at approximately 0100 hrs on June 6, 2022.  Returned to the site on June 16 to assess further damage as stream flows had decreased enough to allow for assessment.  Both antennas 01 and 03 unable to be reconnected to their nodes.  Antenna 01 has broken free from six of its eight anchors.  The site will need to be reassessed and rebuilt during base stream flows later this summer.  At this time antenna 05 is the only antenna operating at the site.

5/12/2022 8:32:00 AM GMC

Site visited to assess status/damage from a recent high water/high debris event that began on the evening of May 6.  Antennas 2, 4 and 6 were disconnected by the high flow event during the early morning hours of May 7.  Antenna 6 appears to have broken free from all but one of its anchors and will be secured and moved up onto the bank once stream flows allow.  Further damage assessment will occur once stream flows recede and visibility improves.  Antennas 1, 3 and 5 continue to operate normally.

1/20/2021 2:23:39 PM General Antenna 2 was reachable and plugged back into its node and tuned at approximately 1100 hrs on 1/20/2021. All six antennas at ACM are once again fully operational.
1/15/2021 2:11:09 PM General Antennas 2, 4 and 6 were unplugged from their nodes in the late morning of 1/13/2021 due to a high flow/high debris event. Antennas 4 and 6 were reconnected and tuned around noon on 1/15/2021. Antenna 2 remains unplugged from its node as it is unreachable due to sustained high flows.
5/26/2020 3:48:00 PM General Antennas 2, 4 and 6 became unplugged from their nodes due to a high water event on the morning of May 21, 2020. The site was visited on May 26, 2020 and antennas 2 and 6 were plugged back into their nodes and tuned. The node for antenna 4 had broken free from it's anchors but was recovered without any damage and will be reinstalled after flows drop this summer. Antenna 4 will remain inoperable until the node can be reinstalled.
4/19/2020 9:00:00 AM General Antenna 1 became partially dislodged and 7 of its 8 anchors pulled from the substrate. Antenna has become disconnected from it's node as of 9:39 am on April 19, 2020. The antenna has been secured on-site and will have to be reinstalled/anchored this summer once stream flows subside. ACM will continue to operate without antenna 1 until further notice.
2/10/2020 8:08:00 AM General Antennas 2, 4 and 6 were unplugged from their nodes by a high water/high debris event on the evening of February 6. The site was visited on February 10 and the antennas were plugged back into nodes and tuned. Site fully operational as of approximately 12:00 pm on February 10.
8/7/2019 2:14:52 PM General Nodes 1827.2649 - 1827.2654 updated with IS1001 Application Firmware v1.7.0, Master Controller CBG board updated with IS1001-MC CBG Board Firmware v1.7.0 and Master controller updated with IS1001-MC Application Firmware version 1.7.0.
6/27/2019 2:27:00 PM General A replacement antenna 6 at ACM has been installed, replacing the previous antenna that was damaged and removed from the stream due to high flow events during the Spring of 2019. Antennas 3,4 and 5 also had multiple anchors on each antenna pull out during the high flow events causing the antennas to shift slightly. Antennas 3,4 and 5 have been shifted back to their original positions and replacement anchors driven to replace those that moved and/or pulled out of the substrate. ACM is once again has 6 fully functioning antennas. All 6 antennas have been tuned and tested, the site has resumed normal operations
5/1/2019 8:05:13 AM General Antennas #2 and #4 were disconnected from their respective nodes on or around 4/15/2019 during a sustained high flow/high debris event that occurred in Asotin Creek. As of 4/30/2019 the creek flows had dropped enough to allow both antennas to be reconnected and tuned. Antenna #2 is back operating normally as of 4/30/2019. Antenna #4 is tuned and operating normally but with very low read range.
4/17/2019 8:43:46 AM General Antenna 6 damaged and disconnected from node at ACM due to high flow/high debris event in Asotin Creek. Antenna still held in place and node recovered and removed from stream as it had broken loose and pulled out both MR-33 anchors holding it in place. Will replace Antenna 6 and reinstall node this summer once flows subside.
10/17/2018 2:43:26 PM SiteUp All site components have been replaced and upgraded to IS1001 MTS system. Site back up and fully operational as of 12:00 pm on 10/12/2018.
10/11/2018 10:08:49 AM SiteDown Site down for upgrading and installation of all new components. Will update site configuration map and event log once install is complete and site is back up and operable.
7/26/2017 3:13:00 PM SiteUp Replacement antennas installed, tested and tuned. Site is up and completely operational.
7/13/2017 1:18:00 PM SiteDown Site still down but in the process of being rebuilt. All damaged antennas and cables removed from the site. Replacement antennas and cables have been acquired and will be installed in the next couple of weeks.
3/19/2017 8:02:00 AM SiteDown Site visited for damage assessment due to current high water/flood event occurring in Asotin Creek. Antenna 3 is the only antenna present of the 6 on site. Further assessment will occur as water conditions allow.
2/17/2017 11:55:00 AM General Site visited for inspection, maintenance and buffer download. There is no current to antenna 1 and low current ( <1 amp) to antenna 6. Due to the current and sustained high water in Asotin Creek, it appears a piece of LWD may have lodged under or into antenna 1 which may have either damaged it or simply unplugged it. Further assessment will be undertaken as soon as water conditions allow. Aside from the low/no current issues on antennas 1&6 the site is operating normally.
7/10/2015 12:29:32 PM General During a routine site maintenance visit the morning of 7/10/2015 it was discovered that Antenna 1 at ACM is not presently operating. After some troubleshooting to determine the root of the problem, it appears the antenna itself is no longer working. We have a replacement antenna on hand and will replace non-functioning antenna on 7/13/2015.
9/1/2014 10:14:00 AM SiteUp Site is operational as of 9/1/2014. Six new antennas installed. Site configuration is the same as in 2013; prior to site failure. 6-20' PVC antennas on FS1001 MUX.
3/25/2014 12:27:05 PM General Site was compromised during high flow events that occurred during the first two weeks of March. Staff will be working on trying to get some antennas back up and running.
1/8/2014 8:29:00 AM General All antennas reading and site operating normally.
11/7/2013 8:29:00 AM General All antennas reading and site operating normally.

Archived Event Logs