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Interrogation Site Metadata

IML - Imnaha River Weir Adult Ladder

Status:   Active - Operational
Site Type: Adult Fishway  |  Organization: Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
General Operational Period: Seasonally
Start Date: 5/18/2015 12:00 AM

The site is located at the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) fish weir on the Imnaha River. The site was initially installed with two antennas in the ladder; a third antenna was added in June 2018 to monitor all fish handled in the work room at the trap. The antennas are currently driven by Biomark IS1001s and controlled by a Biomark IS1001-MC. The equipment is powered by a Hybrid- TEG (model 5220 and 1kw solar). The readers are connected to the controller via Biomark Data-Over-Power (DOP) cabling. The MC is connected to a satellite modem for remote telemetry. The site is being remotely monitored by Biomark with automatic downloads (and PTAGIS submissions) every four hours. The power supply and remote telemetry are being shared by the three interrogation sites at the weir, IR4, IR5, and IML.

Current Operations

Last File Loaded: IML-2022-176-P-00D.xml
Date Last File Loaded: 6/25/2022 7:21 PM
Date Last File Opened: 6/25/2022 1:33 PM
Date Last File Closed: 6/25/2022 5:33 PM
Last Observation Tag: 3DD.007791D8D1
Last Observation Date: 6/25/2022 4:07 PM
Detection Summary: Last Day's Observations


Primary Contact:

Cameron Albee

Data Steward:

Joseph Feldhaus


Coordinates: 45.194276, -116.868663  |  River Km: 522.308.084

Operational History

Operational history describes the period the site was interrogating for PIT tags. The comments provide anecdotal information about the operation of the site during this period. Site operational periods are updated typically at the end of the calendar year.

Year Start Date End Date Comments
2021 4/7/2021 12:00 AM 9/10/2021 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2020 3/20/2020 12:00 AM 10/24/2020 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags. See event logs for additional operational information.
2019 3/27/2019 12:00 AM 9/5/2019 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2018 3/17/2018 12:00 AM 9/14/2018 12:00 AM Volitional release of Chinook smolts began April 3. Site down intermittently April 8-24.
2017 3/27/2017 12:00 AM 11/7/2017 12:00 AM End date based on file closed date.
2016 3/31/2016 12:00 AM 9/9/2016 12:00 AM Volitional release of Chinook smolts April 1 - 6. Site down April 7 - May 16. Site down May 19-23. Data lost May 31 - June 1. Site down August 8-12 for upgrades.
2015 5/18/2015 12:00 AM 9/10/2015 12:00 AM Site down May 27 - June 4.


Configuration metadata includes details about the equipment used at the site to detect and record PIT tags. A new configuration sequence record is created when equipment is added or removed from the site and the period of time it was active. A configuration sequence without an End Date is currently active.

Select Configuration Number:
Start Date:  6/27/2018
End Date:  ----

Site Configuration Diagrams:

Equipment History

Select a type to view the history of equipment installed at this site. A missing End Date implies the information about the equipment is current.

Select Equipment Type:
Equipment Code Description Start Date End Date

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Event Log Summary

This displays the last 25 events, to see the full history, log in to the Dashboard and go to Interrogation Site > Event Logs.

Event Date Event Type Comments
4/7/2021 11:35:00 AM SiteUp Site powered up for 2021. All antennas appeared to be working and tuned.
10/23/2020 10:42:00 AM SiteDown Shut the site down for winter.
3/20/2020 11:50:00 AM SiteUp Turned on the master controller to operate IML. For more details, see the log event for IR4. IR4 and IML are operated by the same master controller.
9/5/2019 3:50:00 PM General The two antennas in the adult ladder (A7 and A8) were turned off for the season about 3:50 p.m. They will be turned on again in the spring.
3/27/2019 4:45:31 PM SiteUp The antennas for IML are associated with the master controller (MC) than runs IR4. I turned on the two antennas for IML. Updated firmware on the MC to Application v1.6.4.S19 and CBG Firmware v1.6.5.
10/23/2018 1:00:00 PM General Installed a breaker that allows us to manually turn off A8 and A7. Therefore, we have manually turned off A7, A8, and A9. A7 and A8 will be manually turned on again in March to monitor the juvenile releases from the acclimation pond. Currently, there is no water in the adult ladder.
9/14/2018 1:30:00 PM General The Imnaha Facility was shut down for the Chinook trapping season and the adult ladder was de-watered. The antenna to the "trap house" was turned off. Water to IML will not be turned on again until the juvenile Chinook acclimation period in March.
7/28/2018 7:30:00 AM General Power outage from 7/28/18 @ 7:30 am until 7/31/18 @ 8:00 am.
6/26/2018 8:30:00 AM General The site was down sporadically from about out 8:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. to add antenna 9 (i.e., "Work Room Antenna" )
4/24/2018 10:30:00 AM SiteUp The master controller (MC2) for IML was turned back on. Replaced a breaker switch that controlled the solar panel. Updated firmware. Propane tank at 60%.
4/16/2018 10:00:00 AM SiteDown IML is down. The data plan was exceeded so real time remote monitoring is on hold until further notice. On 4/16/18, we replaced the solar charge controller. This did not solve the problem where the breaker switch for the solar panels keeps getting tripped. We were able to utilize the solar panels if the thermal electric generator (TEG) was turned off. Since the smolt releases from the acclimation facility are done for 2018, we turned off master controller 2 (MC2) which runs (IR4 and IML) and turned on MC1 (IR5). IR5 should be collecting data as of 4/16/18 at 12:30 p.m.
4/10/2018 8:09:00 AM General A site visit on 4/10/18 revealed that the hybrid power system is tripping the breaker switch that controls power input from the solar panels. The thermal electric generator (TEG) is proving some power to charge the batteries. Without the solar panels, the site is not able to maintain adequate power to run all three sites simultaneously. Master controller 1, which runs IR5 was turned off to conserve power in the hopes that we could maintain some data collection from IR4 and IML to monitor the Chnook smolt releases.
4/8/2018 8:09:00 AM General Voltage problems at IR4, IR5 and IML continued to deteriorate. Sites are intermittently turning on and off.
4/3/2018 8:09:00 AM General Volitional release of Chinook smolts from the acclimation pond started. Observed a voltage drop that began on 4/3/2018 that affected these three sites: IR4, IR5, IML. All three sites are fun off the same power supply. The drop in voltage resulted in some antennas intermittently loosing power at all three sties.
3/17/2018 8:09:00 AM SiteUp Antennas were activated for the season.
3/27/2017 11:11:00 AM General Site visit. Antennas were dropped back into the bottom of the fish ladder.
3/22/2017 11:11:00 AM SiteUp Antennas for IML were turned on.
9/9/2016 12:30:00 PM SiteDown The Imnaha Weir was removed on 9/9/2016. The weir removal was followed by dewatering the adult ladder. The antennas are still in the ladder, but their is no water. The adult ladder will be dewatered until juvenile acclimation in March/April.
8/12/2016 9:00:00 PM SiteUp Installation of new equipment by Biomark complete. Detections from 08/12/16 21:06:07 thru 08/18/16 12:52:58 were captured during the system testing phase and obtained via buffer download; detections from 08/18/16 14:38:26 thru 09/28/16 12:39:29 were downloaded via remote comms prior to engaging automated submissions.
8/8/2016 9:00:00 AM SiteDown Site is temporarily down for equipment upgrades. No data will be collected until approximately August 12th. Data uploads will be delayed another couple of weeks until the new upload procedures are finalized.
6/14/2016 5:24:47 PM General Replaced a power switching board, installed 4 new deep cycle batteries, and plugged the battery charger back into the AC outlet. When I arrived at the site, the battery charger was disconnected from the AC power outlet and was not able to re-charge the deep cycle battery backup. This resulted in intermittent power failure to the FS2001 multiplexer starting on 6/11/2016 and resulted in full power failure at approximately 2:40 a.m. on 6/13/2016. No PIT tag data was collected between 2:40 a.m. on 6/13/2016 until 13:30 hrs on 6/14/2016. The site was operational by 13:30 hrs on 6/14/2016.
6/2/2016 10:00:00 AM SiteUp Data was lost between 5/31/16 @ 7:00 a.m. and 6/1/2016 at about 10:00 a.m. Fixed date/time stamp on tags detected between 6/1/16 @ 10:00 am. and 6/2/2016 prior to replacing the lithium battery at 10:15 a.m. Reprogrammed FS2001 and set the virtual tag for a 30 minute cycle. Site was functioning normally by 10:45.
5/31/2016 7:00:00 AM SiteDown Suspected lithium battery failure. Data was lost between 5/31/16 @ 7:00 a.m. and 6/1/16 at about 10:00 a.m. Replaced lithium battery on 6/2/2016. Replaced one of the 12V backup batteries. Reprogrammed FS2001 and set the virtual tag for a 30 minute cycle.
5/23/2016 10:55:00 AM SiteUp PIT tag equipment operational at approximately 10:55 on 23 May. The Imnaha Weir was not operational from 18 May through the morning of 23 May.
5/19/2016 1:30:00 AM SiteDown PIT tag equipment was non-functional from 5/19/2016 at 1:30 a.m. until 5/23/2016 at 10:55 a.m. The Imnaha Weir was not operational from 18 May through the morning of 23 May.

No Archived Event Logs