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Interrogation Site Metadata

LMR - Lower Methow River at Pateros

Status:   Active - Operational
Site Type: Instream Remote Detection System  |  Organization: Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
General Operational Period: Year Round
Start Date: 3/4/2009 12:00 AM

LMR is a permanent instream PIT tag interrogation site on the Methow River. When first installed with a single row of six antennas, it was located near the WDFW Miller Hole access site at about river kilometer 3. In December 2010, a second row of six antennas was added to the site. In August 2017, the site was relocated 5 kilometers upstream and the two FS1001M transceivers were replaced with a single Biomark/QST QuBe controller. The site currently consists of two rows of antennas, with each row nearly spanning the wetted width of the channel during base flows. Each row consists of six 20-foot HDPE antennas, installed in flat-plate configuration. Each antenna is powered by a Biomark IS1001 (ACN) and the ACNs are connected to a Biomark/QST QuBe controller. The antennas were built and installed by WDFW. The site is powered by a thermoelectric generator. LMR has remote communication abilities provided by a cellular modem. A submersible pressure transducer and temperature probe sensor are also installed to provide environmental condition data collection.

Current Operations

Last File Loaded: LMR-2022-176-P-00B.xml
Date Last File Loaded: 6/25/2022 9:51 PM
Date Last File Opened: 6/25/2022 7:54 AM
Date Last File Closed: 6/25/2022 7:06 PM
Last Observation Tag: 3DD.003D289524
Last Observation Date: 6/25/2022 7:06 PM
Detection Summary: Last Day's Observations


Primary Contact:

Jay Deason
509-664-3148 x22

Data Steward:

David Grundy


Coordinates: 48.074923, -119.956143  |  River Km: 843.008

Operational History

Operational history describes the period the site was interrogating for PIT tags. The comments provide anecdotal information about the operation of the site during this period. Site operational periods are updated typically at the end of the calendar year.

Year Start Date End Date Comments
2021 1/1/2021 12:00 AM 1/1/2022 4:27 PM Start and end dates based on file open and closed dates.
2020 1/1/2020 12:00 AM 12/30/2020 4:43 PM Start and end dates based on file open and close dates.
2019 1/1/2019 12:00 AM 1/1/2020 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on file open and close dates.
2018 1/1/2018 12:00 AM 5/7/2018 12:00 AM Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2017 1/1/2017 12:00 AM 12/28/2017 12:00 AM Site moved 5 km upstream and both Mux transceivers were replaced with a QuBE/IS1001 setup Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2016 1/1/2016 12:00 AM 1/1/2017 12:00 AM
2015 1/1/2015 12:00 AM 1/1/2016 12:00 AM
2014 1/1/2014 12:00 AM 1/1/2015 12:00 AM Data lost from B antennas April 23-28. Data lost from A antennas May 6-8. Data lost from B antennas May 17-27. Site down from July 17-September 3 due to wildfire.
2013 1/1/2013 12:00 AM 1/1/2014 12:00 AM
2012 1/1/2012 12:00 AM 1/1/2013 12:00 AM Multiple periods when one or more antennas were not functioning or data was lost. Check event log for details.
2011 1/4/2011 1:00 PM 1/1/2012 12:00 AM Array A1-A6, which had been disabled since Dec. 15, 2010, was restored on January 4, 2011. Array C1-C6 was brought back online on March 4. Site down Apr. 8 - Apr. 9. Antenna B3 stopped working on May 15. Antennas B4-B6 stopped working on May 22. Antennas A4-A6 stopped working on May 24. Antenna A3 stopped working on June 4. Antennas A1 and B2 stopped working on June 7. Only antennas A2 and B1 functioning as of June 7. Antennas A1, A3, A4, A5, B2, B3, B4, B5 reinstalled September 27. All antennas, except A6 and B6, installed and operational as of 1400 September 27.
2010 1/1/2010 12:00 AM 12/15/2010 6:12 AM Refer to the LMR event log for details about individual antenna outages between January 1 and June 21. The entire site was out of service between June 21 and August 23. A second array was installed on Dec. 2, immediately below the original array. The original (A0) array failed on Dec. 14 and the new array (B0) failed on Dec. 15.
2009 3/4/2009 12:00 AM 1/1/2010 12:00 AM First year of operation. On Nov. 18, hybrid antennas #1 and #2 were anchored on the downstream side. On Nov. 19, antennas #3 and #4 were also anchored flat, and antennas #5 and #6 were removed for the winter.


Configuration metadata includes details about the equipment used at the site to detect and record PIT tags. A new configuration sequence record is created when equipment is added or removed from the site and the period of time it was active. A configuration sequence without an End Date is currently active.

Select Configuration Number:
Start Date:  8/18/2017
End Date:  ----

Site Configuration Diagrams:

Equipment History

Select a type to view the history of equipment installed at this site. A missing End Date implies the information about the equipment is current.

Select Equipment Type:
Equipment Code Description Start Date End Date

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Event Log Summary

Event Date Event Type Comments
8/18/2017 8:00:00 AM General The LMR site has been relocated upriver to RKM 7.98. A Qube lite reader was installed and is operating 12 IS1001. HDPE antennas were also installed, and the site is now powered by a thermoelectric generator. The equipment at the old LMR site will be removed at a later date.
9/10/2014 3:00:00 PM SiteUp Both upstream and downstream rows of antennas are now 100% functional and running.
9/5/2014 3:00:00 PM SiteUp The upstream row of antennas (A0) were installed and are now running. Row B0 was turned off.
9/3/2014 6:00:00 PM SiteUp The LMR site has been rebuilt after being destroyed in the Carlton Complex Wildfires The lower row of antennas (B0) is functional there is now full river coverage.
7/25/2014 1:24:37 PM General The LMR Interrogation Site was severly damaged in the Carlton Complex Wildfire on July 17, 2014 and will be offline until funds and materials can be secured to rebuild it.
5/17/2014 9:46:00 AM General No data was stored on the B0 buffer (downstream antennas) between May 17 at 19:35 and May 27 due to an issue with the antenna switching board.
5/6/2014 10:21:00 AM General Data for the upstream row of antennas (A0) was lost between 6 May at 13:19 hrs and 8 May at 12:47 hrs due to Mux A0 resetting itself.
4/23/2014 10:21:00 AM General Data for downstream row of antennas (B0) was lost between 23 April at 05:49 am and 28 April 08:09am. Due to MUX B0 resetting itself.

Archived Event Logs