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I5 Version 1.2.0

Released 04/27/2022

  • Added a new method for setting Default Transceiver/Antenna IDs
  • Updated Antenna ID Source to default to Raw Data when downloading from multiplexors
  • Fixed a bug related to adding data from a file to an existing Site Dataset

I5 Version 1.1.0

Released 03/24/2022

Updated to target x86 (32bit) computers. Previous version targeted only 64 bit computers.

I5 Version 1.0

Released 02/04/2022

First production release of I5, which replaces PIFF and PIFF2 as the primary tool for formatting and submitting interrogation data to PTAGIS. Allows users to connect to transceivers using serial, ethernet or HPR USB connection types, download data, format it as an M5 file, and submit that file to PTAGIS.

Known Issue: Sometimes connecting to the HPR Plus with a USB connection causes I5 to crash. If this happens to you, contact us for assistance.