PTAGIS has a complete Field Operations office that designs, installs, and maintains the equipment and software needed for automated PIT tag detection, including systems for enabling individual fish segregation, examinations and relocation.

PTAGIS Field Operations

  • New Site Installation

    PTAGIS works with a wide rage of researchers and agencies that are looking to incorporate PIT tag detection equipment into their facilities.

    In the installation stage at PTAGIS:

    • Sends field staff to evaluate fish passage conditions at the proposed site.
    • Pre-qualifies the proposed site using radio frequency detection equipment.
    • Provides design requirements and feedback throughout the process to ensure the success of the project.
  • Existing Site Maintenance

    PTAGIS Provides ongoing operations and maintenance support at PIT tag installations throughout the Columbia and Snake River Basins.

    The service PTAGIS provides for existing facilities includes:

    • On-site maintenance
    • Remote monitoring 365 days a year.
    • Phone support Monday through Friday during business hours.
  • Electronics Design and Repair

    PTAGIS Kennewick's field and lab engineers:

    • Design and install PIT tag antennas and related electronic equipment.
    • Repair and extensively test PIT tag reading equipment in the Kennewick Lab before returning the devices to service.
    • Reduce Costs by keeping a minimal number or spare readers in PTAGIS inventory due to the lower costs associated with repairing existing readers.
  • PIT Tag Testing Lab

    • Tests all new and upgraded tags from manufacturers intended for use in the region to make sure they meet necessary operational standards.
    • Creates and tests lab mock-ups of all antennas at real-world speeds, frequencies, and operating conditions.
  • PIT Tag Distribution

    The Kennewick's Field office PIT Tag Coordinator utilizes the online tag distribution system to:

    • Receive PIT tags into inventory from the manufacturer.
    • Distribute tags to agencies and research organizations in the field.
    • Track tag distribution in the PTAGIS database, for future correlation with tagging and detection events.
  • Facility Controls Development

    PTAGIS Kennewick's field and lab engineers:

    • Design, install and maintain facility electrical controls, including the systems that allow facilities to divert and collect information from individual migrating fish.
    • Design and program user-friendly touch screen control panels for use by on-site personnel.
  • Separation by Code

    • Individual PIT-tagged fish can be identified and instantly diverted into examination tanks, relocation vehicles, or back to the river using a PTAGIS system call Separation by Code.
    • The "SbyC" system helps agencies divert and transport hundreds of thousands of fisher per migration cycle, and is currently in place at eight passage facilities on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
    • There are currently about a dozen research projects that rely on the PTAGIS-managed Separation by Code system to collect, examine, or divert upwards of a million PIT-tagged fish per year.