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2017 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF2.86 MB27 Sep, 2018 Download
2016 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF2.83 MB18 Jul, 2017 Download
2015 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF1.81 MB22 Jul, 2016 Download
2014 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF1.96 MB19 Mar, 2015 Download
2013 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.20 MB19 Jun, 2014 Download
2011-2012 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.37 MB22 Jan, 2013 Download
2010 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF1.89 MB23 Mar, 2012 Download
2008-2009 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF536.88 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
2007-2008 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF895.76 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
2006-2007 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.25 MB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2004-2005 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF361.31 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2002-2003 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF245.96 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2001-2002 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF239.13 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
1999-2000 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF167.24 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
PIT Tag Specification Document 2009PDF6.99 MB23 Mar, 2012 Download
PIT Tag Steering Committee CharterPDF164.13 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
Statistical Method of Determining PIT-Tag Coil Reading EfficiencyPDF11.01 KB31 Jan, 2013 Download
Interrogation Site Request FormDOCX23.50 KB05 Jun, 2013 Download
Email to Tag Data Project Coordinators-19Sep2013PDF266.14 KB10 Oct, 2013 Download
COE and BPA MOU Regarding PIT Tag InfrastructurePDF80.99 KB06 Mar, 2014 Download
2014 Mark Procedures ManualPDF1.41 MB11 Mar, 2014 Download
PIT Tag Selection Guide - v1 - February2015PDF1.09 MB26 Feb, 2015 Download
Comprehensive PIT Tag Evaluation ProcedurePDF315.82 KB20 Oct, 2016 Download
FS2020 Dual Mode Performance EvaluationPDF371.32 KB12 Apr, 2018 Download
Prosser (PRO) Chandler Dam Lamprey Issue_ 23 May 2017PDF822.01 KB12 Apr, 2018 Download
PTAGIS O&M Concerns Using FDX Tags in Adult and Juvenile Lamprey Studies V1.0 2018.04.18PDF1.37 MB18 Apr, 2018 Download