The Instream PIT Tag Detection System (IPTDS) Subcommittee recently approved new guidelines for instream (and other small interrogation site) configuration diagrams. These guidelines provide a standardized format which includes information useful to data consumers and can be created using commonly available software. A few examples of completed diagrams are available to view by following the links below:

Catherine Creek Ladder/Weir

Lower Okanogan Instream Array

Salmon Creek Above OID Div.

Upper Grande Ronde Starkey

The IPTDS Subcommittee requests that stewards of currently active interrogation sites replace existing site diagrams with new diagrams created using these guidelines. To assist with that process, PTAGIS has developed a new Manage Sites page on the dashboard where stewards can submit replacement diagrams. Functionality will be added to this page in the coming year to allow stewards to update additional site metadata, but it can only be used for replacement diagrams currently.

An email was sent to stewards of active sites with more information about how to replace existing configuration diagrams with diagrams using the new guidelines. If you are managing a site and did not receive this email, please contact us.