I5 version 1.3.0 has been released and is available for download. This version of the interrogation data utility software includes a few features that were requested by users, such as the ability to set a password when connecting to password-protected Biomark Master Controllers, and the ability to download previously submitted data from PTAGIS to compare against device memory downloads. This can be used to patch a data gap at sites where data is normally uploaded automatically, but a communications outage caused a gap in those uploads. 

This version also includes a way to set the time zone in which observation data was collected. The M5 file format transmits timestamps in date time offset format. This format includes a value that indicates the numbers of hours offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in which the timestamp was collected. For example, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) has an offset of -7:00 and Pacific Standard Time (PST) has an offset of -8:00.

Including the time zone offset value in the timestamp allows data to be collected in any time zone and then converted to Pacific Standard Time when it is loaded into PTAGIS. Previous versions of I5 used the time zone setting of the computer on which it was installed. Starting with version 1.3.0, the user can specify the time zone in which data was collected. This can be useful if the transceiver clocks at a site were set to PST, but the data is being processed on a computer that is set to PDT. In that case, the user will want to change the Time Zone selector to indicate the data was collected in PST. When the file is created and submitted to PTAGIS, it will include the -8:00 offset value.

To see a complete list of changes made in this version of I5, please view the Release Notes. To view a video demonstration of the new features, please view the I5 Update video.